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how to become a more patient mom

Mom Patience | How to Become Much More Patient Mom

“Patience” is one of the most common problems among mothers. You just went to the restroom for just 2 minutes and when you returned, your 2 years old welcomed you with a bunch of tissue papers thrown all around the room. OMG! What can I do now? Give him a pat on his back on what he just did? or scold him? There are so many incidents that happen in every moment of a mom’s life and all of you (mothers) must be asking that how to become a more patient mom. What to do in such situations? How to stay calm and how to train these little monsters?

kid laughing while reading a book

19 Weird Things Toddlers Do – That Are Actually Normal

Parenting is full of challenges, I know, but it’s full of weirdness too. When being a parent, you have to be ready for the things like answering weird questions. Sometimes you will see a kid banging their head with a wall, out of no reason at all and sometimes the kid will be talking to the mirror. Some things are crazy, some are horrible and others are sweet and cute.
Read along the article to become aware of the things you are going to encounter as a parent to a toddler.