How To Stop Breastfeeding A 2-Years-Old In 7 Steps (No Pain, No Tears)

stop breastfeeding 2-years-old

If you are here, there are huge chances that either you have nursed your baby for 2 years or you are planning to do so.

So I would start with “Great Job!”

Breastfeeding is no joke. It’s hard. I know because I’ve been there.

I have successfully nursed my daughter for 2 years straight and that too, exclusively.

Here’s how I Weaned Off My Exclusively Breastfed 2 Years Old Without Any Pain And Tears

Top 10 Reasons Moms Lose Temper Quickly – (& How To Avoid Them)

mother hugging children

There are many things that can make a mom short tempered and less patient.

Just like me, when you start looking for answers of “how to become a more patient mom?” The first thing you will hear will be “find out the trigger.”

This is so right, finding out the trigger is crucial and instead of trying to stay calm, working on the triggers is the best way to avoid losing temper.

How to make toilet training fun and exciting for the kids?

happy toddler

You may find many good tips for making toilet training easier and one of the most highlighted tips is to make the things fun.

I came up with some awesome ideas to follow this tip while toilet training my daughter and I’m damn sure that you will also find them so useful and easy.

Making toilet training fun is the most important part of the process. Don’t miss out on the playfulness and understand that children don’t want to learn; they want to have fun only.

Making the process playful will shorten the training window.

How to stay patient during toilet training? – 9 super helpful tips

kids and mom playing with toilet paper

Toilet Training is no Joke, I’m writing this blog post after finishing training my daughter! It’s no Joke.
Especially the first 1-3 days are the worst.

But Keeping the cool is important. I understand that yelling and shouting can make things fiendishly difficult.

I worked on the ways to keep my cool and stay patient with every accident.
It’s hard but doable.

I learned and followed some of these tips to stay calm with my daughter!